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Welcome to the City of Oceanside’s GIS Maps web page – maintained by GIS Division, Water Utilities Department – where you can explore our publicly available GIS data. You will find links to some of our popular GIS web map applications.

Disclaimer: Every reasonable effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the maps and data provided; nevertheless, some information may not be accurate. The City of Oceanside assumes no responsibility arising from use of this information.

Land Use and Zoning Map Viewer

The City of Oceanside Land Use and Zoning Map Viewer is available as an online GIS map application, which provides land use and zoning information for all properties within the City. The online application is available to the public for reference purposes only. For more definitive information, please refer to the zoning standards applicable to the property in question.

Zoning standards can be accessed at the Codes/Regulations/Maps web page at 

Should you have specific questions regarding any of the information presented in the Map Viewer, please contact the Planning Division at (760) 435-4373 or send an email inquiry to

City of Oceanside Planning Projects Map Viewer

The City of Oceanside Planning Projects Map Viewer displays the locations of projects under review, recently approved, and provides general information on these projects. The Map Viewer is available to the public for reference purposes only. Should you have specific questions regarding any of the information presented in the Map Viewer, please contact the Planning Division at (760) 435-4373 or send an email inquiry to


City of Oceanside GIS Map Books Viewer

This application has been developed to present the Water, Sewer, Storm, and Topography map books of the City of Oceanside in PDF format. Each grid in the index map has been linked to a PDF file of the corresponding Water, Sewer, Storm, and Topography Map Books page. The PDF documents are map layouts consisting of land base information plus water, sewer, and storm network systems, as well as topography data. The map pages have been set for printing on 11’’x17” paper. If you print the PDF documents on 11’’x17” landscape paper, the map scale will be 1”=200’. For opening these map pages, you will need Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer.


Rent Controlled Spaces at Mobile Home Parks

This web application shows the location of Mobile Home Parks with the number of Rent Controlled Spaces within Oceanside.

Mobile Home Rent Control
The Manufactured Home Fair Practices Act was originally adopted by the Oceanside City Council on June 23, 1982, and was codified as Chapter 16B of the Oceanside City Code (Ordinance No. 82-27).

The space rent limitations, also known as rent control, provided by the Ordinance became effective January 1, 1985. Prior to enacting the ordinance, the City Council had determined that there existed in Oceanside a shortage of rental spaces for manufactured homes, which shortage had resulted in low vacancy rates and rapidly escalating rents. The stated purpose of the Ordinance was to protect residents of such parks from unreasonable rental increases, while at the same time preserving for the park owners a “just and reasonable return” on the park owner’s investment.

Oceanside Mobile Home Parks
For additional information about Oceanside rent control or the City of Oceanside’s Manufactured Home Fair Practices Ordinance, please contact Leilani Hines, Housing and Neighborhood Services Director at (760) 435-3377 or


Short-Term Rentals/Transient Occupancy Tax Map Viewer

This GIS viewer presents the Short-Term Rentals (STRs) and Transient Occupancy Tax locations (TOTs) in the City of Oceanside. Should you have any questions regarding any of the information presented in the map viewer, please check Short-Term Rentals or Transient Occupancy Tax webpages or send an email inquiry to

What is a Short-Term Rental (STR)?

On June 19, 2019, the City Council adopted an ordinance establishing Short-Term Rental (STR) regulations. A Short-Term Rental (STR) is defined as the rental of any legally permitted dwelling unit (or portion thereof) for occupancy for dwelling, lodging, or sleeping purposes for a period of no more than 30 consecutive days. Read more...

What is Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT)?
For the privilege of occupancy in any hotel in the City of Oceanside, each tourist (transient) is subject to and shall pay a tax in the amount of ten (10) percent of the rent charged by the operator of the hotel (Oceanside City Code Section 34.15). Read more...




City of Oceanside CDBG Eligible Communities Map

The City of Oceanside receives federal HUD dollars (Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnership Act (HOME)) funds that must be used to primarily benefit households and individuals residing or receiving services in lower-income qualified neighborhoods. 

This map highlights eligible CDBG areas by census block group data-sets and by City Council District.

For additional information regarding eligible or existing Public Service and/or Capital Projects please contact Cecilia Barandiaran, Housing Management Analyst at (760) 435-3385 or


Oceanside Parks and Facilities Map Viewer

Oceanside Parks and Recreation offers a variety of fun ways for residents and visitors to engage in the community. Through our parks, beaches, recreation facilities, senior centers, community pools and programs people of all ages can find their kind of fun.

The Oceanside Parks and Facilities Map Viewer displays the locations of parks, community centers, golf courses, and special use facilities throughout the City of Oceanside. It contains name, location, facility type, and owner of each park and facility. The Map Viewer is available to the public for reference purposes only.

Should you have specific questions regarding any of the information presented in the Map Viewer, please contact Parks and Recreation Division at or call (760) 435-5041.

City of Oceanside Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)

The City of Oceanside maintains a map of the public storm drain system, also known as the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). The storm drain system generally consists of a network of underground pipes, culverts, inlets, outlets, basins, concrete channels, earthen channels and other structures throughout the City which collect and transport rainfall runoff away from properties for flood protection.

Download Stormwater Program GIS Data Here


City of Oceanside Population Viewer

On May 3, 2017, the Oceanside City Council adopted a resolution to begin the process to transition to district elections. Once implemented, this means that those who run for City Council will need to live in the district where they seek election. The Mayor's seat will continue to be elected at-large. Five community meetings were held in May 2017 to learn about the process, provide input and work together to develop draft maps. In addition, the City Council held four public hearings to take comment on the potential composition of the council districts.  On June 21, 2017, the City Council voted 4-0 to direct staff to bring forward the "Communities of Interest Map" for final approval.   At the City Council meeting on July 25, 2017, the Council introduced an Ordinance establishing by-district elections for City Council offices and approved an election calendar for the newly created Council Districts.  On August 1, 2017, the City Council voted to adopt the ordinance. For more information, visit the City Clerk’s District Elections page at:




City of Oceanside Survey Control Monuments 

In 2014, the City of Oceanside started a project to set up a new set of Control Survey Monuments to establish a local network of California Geodetic Coordinates and California Orthometric Heights for the City in accordance with the California Public Resource Code Section 8801-88-19, 8870-8880, and 8890-8902. The horizontal coordinates are based on NAD83 and vertical elevations are NAVD88. For more information please see the Record Of Survey 21787 Dated August 21, 2014.

City of Oceanside Lot Split Map Viewer

This viewer has been prepared as a tool for researching Lot Split Maps in the City of Oceanside. City of Oceanside Subdivision Ordinance No. 946, Article V, Section 500 regulated the subdivision of one or more lots into four or fewer lots from October 10, 1956 until March 4, 1972. During this period all parcels that were not created by a recorded subdivision map in the City of Oceanside were required to be created through the Lot Split process. More than 500 of these maps were generated to subdivide land but not recorded in the Office of the County Recorder of the San Diego County.

Subdivision Map Act Section 66412.6(a) states;

(a) For purposes of this division or of a local ordinance enacted pursuant thereto, any parcel created prior to March 4, 1972, shall be conclusively presumed to have been lawfully created if the parcel resulted from a division of land in which fewer than five parcels were created and if at the time of the creation of the parcel, there was no local ordinance in effect which regulated divisions of land creating fewer than five parcels.

Any parcel that was created through this process is deemed to have been lawfully created per the Subdivision Map Act. For your convenience these maps can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the link provided in the Identify pop-up window. Original copies of these maps are available for viewing in the Development Services Department at the Civic Center. For questions, call City of Oceanside Engineering department at (760) 435-4373.




Oceanside Neighborhoods Map

Oceanside is a 42-square-mile coastal community located in North San Diego County, California. With a near perfect year-round climate, and recognition as one of the most livable places in the nation, Oceanside has a wide-range of diverse neighborhoods each with their own unique flavor. From historic to newly constructed homes, Oceanside offers a distinctive blend of cultural, educational, social, and recreational opportunities well suited for any lifestyle.

This viewer has been crafted as a tool for researching and inquiring neighborhoods and schools in the City of Oceanside.

Oceanside Bicycle Map

The City of Oceanside Bicycle Map shows the preferred bike routes within the city. The city has a diverse terrain that lends itself to a variety of fun and exciting routes, ranging from the San Luis Rey Recreational trail to numerous bike lanes within the city. With over 20 miles of Class 1 separated bike paths and more than 56 miles of Class 2 bike lanes, cyclists can safely reach their desired designation. Free hard copy maps are provided at the Visit Oceanside California Welcome Center and on kiosks on the San Luis Rey Recreational Trail.

For more information on bicycle safety and for the City of Oceanside Bike Map (PDF format), please visit the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety web page at

Oceanside Breweries, Tap Rooms, and Brewery Restaurants Map

Come explore Oceanside’s brew scene, with 10 craft breweries on “tap”, plus brewpubs, taprooms, and brewery restaurants. Make Oceanside your first stop on the 78 corridor’s “Hops Highway”. This interactive map makes it easy to locate all of Oceanside’s breweries, brewpubs, taprooms and brewery restaurants in your neighborhood.


Turf Reductions at Oceanside Parks and Facilities 

As a part of the Water Conservation efforts to achieve the 20% water use reduction mandated by Governor Brown’s 2015 executive order, the City of Oceanside identified and removed over 131,228 square feet of irrigable turf, estimated to save approximately 5,774,032 gallons of water per year. Although state-wide water use restrictions have since been lifted, the City of Oceanside continues to be committed to managing our water resources efficiently and ensuring a reliable water supply for future generations.






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