Memorial Brick Program Purchase

The memorial brick program is a great way to remember the deceased.  Please note that this program is for memorial purposes only and not for commemorative purposes.

Memorial bricks will be placed along Linear Park on Pacific Street with the exact location determined by the City.  Multiple bricks will need to be donated prior to installation, and the City will determine the appropriate time for the installation. 

The brick is made of red clay (7 5/8” X 3 5/8” X 1 ¼”) and must be purchased from and installed by the City.  Memorial bricks may be purchased for $150.00. The requestor is responsible for all costs.  

The City will assume full responsibility for the upkeep, care, and maintenance throughout the brick’s lifetime and will retain the right to dispose of the brick when it is no longer cost effective to retain it.  If the brick becomes damaged or deteriorated, the donor will be given an opportunity to replace the brick at their cost.

Only a limited amount of text is allowed and no artwork. All text must be pre-approved by the City.

Please complete the Gift Acceptance Agreement to request a memorial brick.  Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the payment page.   Both the Gift Acceptance Agreement and payment must be submitted for your request to be processed.

Your request will be reviewed, and City staff will contact you within two weeks.  If you have questions regarding the Memorial Brick Program, please contact us by email at